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The Closest Thing to Live Tissue

Sutures and Behaves Like Real Tissue | Easy to Dispose | Odorless

The Closest Thing to Live Tissue

Sutures and Behaves Like Real Tissue | Easy to Dispose | Odorless

About LifeLike BioTissue

We make amazing materials and models that mimic the mechanical properties, feel and anatomy of the human body.

LifeLike Biotissue is the number one choice for customized artificial soft tissue for research and development of new medical devices. That’s because our soft tissue models have been tested by major medical device companies against both animal tissues and competitors worldwide, displaying more reliable tissue properties and response comparable to human tissues.

Our technology has also been used is surgical skills labs in more than 50 training hospitals in The United States, Canada and Europe. The technology continues to be acknowledged by leading surgeons as an excellent training tool.

Our technology has the potential to replicate a wide array of complex human soft tissues from fat to arterial blood vessels and everything in between. It has also been recognized for its excellent ultrasound capability.

Product Categories


Our cardiac products include heart valves and vessels for a variety of surgical training applications.


View our wide range of vessels in different diameters, thicknesses and anatomy.

Plastic & General

Our plastics and general models include skin, small bowel, embedded structures and many more.

OB/GYN & Urology

OB-GYN and urology models include vaginal cuff, urethra, ectopic pregnancy, bladder tissue and more.


"You get an A+ for customer service and communication in my book. Kudos! I was extremely pleased with everything about the microvessel tissue and its performance. I will have to admit I was also surprised at the strength of the vessel considering how fragile it looks in the water. The adventitial layer really impressed me and was quite useful in manipulating and approximating the edges of the cut vessel."

- Darla S. Morton

Department of Orthopaedic Research, Carolinas Medical Center

"I wanted to thank you for developing such a great subcuticular model. I had wanted something like that for years and it now has really improved our skills labs. We no longer have to utilize pig's feet which is a huge plus!"

- Katie Moreland

MBS, Project Coordinator, VirtuOHSU Surgical Simulation Center, Oregon Health & Science University

"We used the LifeLike BioTissue conduits for our surgical resident wet lab program and found them to be incredibly realistic. The conduits provided the residents with an appreciation for tissue handling and were ideal for anastomotic exercises."

- Gideon Cohen

MD,MSc,PhD,FRCS(C), Associate Professor, Department of Surgery Program Director, Cardiac Surgery Residency Program, University of Toronto /// Staff Surgeon, Division of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, Schulich Heart Program, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

"I would give your microvessel product a 9.5/10. Excellent."

- Nicolas Guay

MD, FRCSC, Assistant Professor Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Ottawa

"Your skin is exceedingly realistic."

- Arthur  Friedlander

MD, FRCSC, Professor of Oral & Plastic Surgery, Department of Veteran Affairs, Los Angeles, CA


"I am a strong advocate of distributed skills training and we know that fidelity matters. LifeLike BioTissue vascular conduits provide a realistic and affordable medium for the acquisition and retention of basic vascular anastomosis skills and our residents really like working with them"

- Dr. Erica Mitchell, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery - Program Director for Vascular Surgery - Associate Medical Director for VirtuOHSU, Surgical Simulation - Oregon Health & Science University

"I am very impressed. I think this will be a very useful training tool."

- Paul W.M. Fedak

MD PhD FRCSC, Cardiac Surgeon, Assistant Professor, Division of Cardiac Surgery, Department of Cardiac Sciences, Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta, University of Calgary

"A great product. Far more realistic than using graft material."

- Mark Walsh

MS, MD, FRCSC, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dalhousie University, General Surgery Residency Program Director, Surgical Director, Liver Transplantation, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"We are all trying to get our 10,000 hours in, simulation with Lifelike tissues is helping us to achieve this goal"

- Bobby Yanagawa

MD, PhD, Resident, Division of Cardiac Surgery Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

"LifeLike BioTissue's simulator products are as close as you can get to real tissue and translate into a much improved surgical skills training experience"

- John Parker

Director of CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics London Health Science Centre

"We use the Wet Lab trainer with LifeLike BioTissue vessels to demonstrate and train surgeons on our Cyclone OPCAB proximal anastomosis assist device. The simulator allows surgeons to safely experiment and gain a high level of proficiency in OPCAB suturing prior to surgery"

- Kirk Honour

COO, Castlewood Surgical

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