Double Layer Skin


Available in Thick or Thin Dermis, the LifeLike Double Layer skin. New and Improved LifeLike Double Layer Skin feels, sutures and behaves like real live tissue.

Practice subcuticular and basic suturing skills.



Practice of basic suturing techniques, subcuticular suturing and plastic surgery skills. Also excellent for z-plasty, tangential excision and debridement, elliptical excision and primary closure and split -thickness skin graft


Tissue Features:

Odor-Free. High Fidelity. Reusable. Non-Toxic. Non-Oily. Non-Biohazard. Ready for Immediate Use; Home, Lab or Hospital.

No Refrigeration Required.


What’s Included:

One (1) LifeLikeBioTissue Double Layer Skin (Thick or Thin)



Material: LifeLike BioTissue Hydrogel

Fat thickness: 4.5 mm

Dermis thickness: 2.2 or 3.3 mm



Custom Options:

Contact our R&D team if you need custom tissue stiffness or color.