Vaginal Cuff


The LifeLike Vaginal Cuff cuts, sutures and behaves like real tissue. An ideal solution for vaginal cuff closure skills training under the laparoscopic box. The Vaginal Cuff is available in either 2″ or 6″ long sections.



Excellent tissue for vaginal cuff closure training with sutures or v-lock sutures under the laparoscopic box. The tissue can be secured in a Vaginal Cuff Holder that gives a more realistic position or a Small Tissue Mounting Pad can also be used to secure a 2″ section for training – both securing methods are effective


Tissue Features:

Odor-Free. High Fidelity. Reusable. Non-Toxic. Non-Oily. Non-Biohazard. Ready for Immediate Use; Home, Lab or Hospital.

No Refrigeration Required.


What’s Included:

One (1) LifeLike BioTissue Vaginal Cuff



Inner Diameter 32 mm
Outer Diameter 42 mm
Wall Thickness 5 mm
Length 2 or 6 inches


Custom Options:

Contact our R&D team about custom color or stiffness options