Ectopic Pregnancy Model


LifeLike’s Ectopic Pregnancy Model feels, sutures, and behaves like real live tissue. A realistic and affordable solution designed for the acquisition, practice and retention of Salpingotomy and Salpingectomy skills.



Use LifeLike BioTissue Ectopic Pregnancy Model for skills development training:

Salpingotomy training – access and removal of embedded embryo and suturing of Fallopian tube

Salpingectomy training – removal of the affected section of tube and end-to-end anastomosis


Tissue Features:

Odor-Free. High Fidelity. Reusable. Non-Toxic. Non-Oily. Non-Biohazard. Ready for Immediate Use; Home, Lab or Hospital.

No Refrigeration Required.


What’s Included:

One (1) LiffeLike BioTissue Ectopic Pregnancy Model



Length: 3.5 inches

Vessel ID: 10 mm

Vessel OD: 12.5 mm

Embryo Diameter: 25 mm

Embryo Length: 38 mm