Mitral Valve


LifeLike’s Mitral Valve feels, cuts, sutures, and behaves like real live tissue. The Mitral Valve prolapse with anterior and posterior leaflet prolapse A2/P2 with a torn chordae tendinae at P2 for open, minimally invasive and robotics mitral valve repair training. The mitral valve prolapse comes alone, or with papillary muscles and chordae with the same tactile and mechanical properties of a real tissue for a very realistic open, minimally ivasize or robotic mitral valve repair or replacement training.  The valve needs to be secured using the adjustable Mitral Valve Base that secures both the valve and the papillary muscles/chordae.


High Fidelity. Ready for Use at Home, Lab or Hospital.
Reusable. Long Shelf Life. No Refrigeration Required. Easy to Dispose. Non-Toxic. Non-Latex. Non-Oily. Packed in Water.

Mitral Valve $89
10-pack of Mitral Valves $863
20-pack of Mitral Valves $1673
Mitral Valve with Chordae/Papillary $129
10-pack of Mitral Valves with Chordae/Papillary $1251
20-pack of Mitral Valves with Chordae/Papillary $2425

Product Includes:

The Mitral Valve prolapse comes with anterior and posterior leaflet prolapse A2/P2 with a torn chordae tendinae at P2.

Latest Testimonial

“The mitral valve model eliminates the need to train local sales representatives on the correct positioning of a pig heart for robotic and MIS training. This model saves everyone time; from setup time, breakdown time, to repair time (animal valves are not diseased). Shipping and freezing costs are often more expensive than the tissue itself, and with the tissue being reusable 2-5 times, it is a no-brainer! Very impressive.” Peter Carnegie, CEO, MISolutions.

Use LifeLike BioTissue Mitral Valve for Skills Development Training:

Open, MIS or Robotic Mitral Valve Replacement or Valve Repair:

  • Use valve to conduct multiple repairs: valvuloplasty: anterior leaflet repair, posterior leaflet repair, neochord placement, and annuloplasty band or ring.
  • Tissue conforms to the shape of the ring like real tissue.