Long Femoral Leg Simulator

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The LifeLike Long Femoral Leg Simulator was designed by a senior vascular surgeon in Spain who has been involved in vascular simulation training for over 10 years with the SimuVasc organization in Europe. The Long Femoral Leg Simulator is an extension of the Femoral Leg Simulator, offering an opening at the Groin. It was designed to allow for Tunneling skills training in addition to all Femo Pop vascular skills training.

The LifeLike Long Femoral Leg Simulator consists of a male size leg with three openings (at the groin, above and below the knee) where the LifeLike Femoral Arteries are placed. The trainee can be trained on tunneling, as well as all steps of a vascular end-to-end and end-to-side anastomosis and utilize all the tools, at the right angle, to conduct their anastomosis training. Coupled with the available pulsatile pump to add flow through the simulator, the LifeLike Long Femoral Leg provides a very realistic training scenario.


Simulator Includes:

The LifeLike Long Femoral Leg Simulator includes a male size leg with three openings where the LifeLike Medium Femoral Artery (groin opening) and the LifeLike Small Femoral Artery (above and below knee openings) can be placed. The Leg is available with or without a pulsatile pump to check the quality of the repair.

This vascular simulator contains latex.

Use LifeLike BioTissue’s Long Femoral Leg Simulator for skills development training:

Vascular end-to-end and end-to-side Anastomosis Training

  • Realistic human leg with three openings allows two trainees to work simultaneously
  • Practice usage of all vascular instruments to access, cut and clamp vessels
  • Pulsatile pump is available and useful to evaluate the quality of the repair

Tunneling Training

Simulator Specifications:

  • The latex based LifeLike Long Femoral Leg Simulator is approximately 54 cm x 20 cm x 14 cm and weighs about 1 kg.