Femoral Arteries


The LifeLike Femoral Artery feels, sutures and behaves like real live tissue. The LifeLike Femoral Artery is available in Small (5 mm ID), Medium (8.5 mm ID) and Large (10 mm ID). The Large Femoral Artery is also available with ‘Plaque’ to simulate atherosclerosis in the artery. Realistic and affordable products designed for the acquisition, practice and retention of cardiac and vascular surgery skills.


High Fidelity. Ready for Use at Home, Lab or Hospital. Reusable. Long Shelf Life. No Refrigeration Required. Easy to Dispose. Non-Toxic. Non-Latex. Non-Oily. Packed in Water.

Product Includes:

The LifeLike Femoral Arteries contain one 6” long vessel ideal for vascular anastomosis training. The Large Femoral Artery is also available with plaque inserted in the middle of the artery for Femoral Endarterectomy training.

Latest Testimonial:

“A great product. Far more realistic than using graft material.” Mark Walsh, MS, MD, FRCSC, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dalhousie University, General Surgery Residency Program Director, Surgical Director, Liver Transplantation, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Use the LifeLike Femoral Artery for skills development training:

This product is excellent for end-to-end and end-to-side anastomosis training. The available plaque option for the Large Femoral Artery makes it a very realistic Femoral Endarterectomy training tool.