LifeLike BioTissue's Tissue Mounting Pads

Sutures and behaves like real tissue

This pad allows you to pin down the LifeLike Aorta or LifeLike Femoral Artery for an end to end anastomosis, or the LifeLike Femoral Artery and LifeLike Larger Saphenous Vein for an end to side anastomosis. This pad secures the tissue for training and can be placed in a box to simulate “deep inside the body” vascular anastomosis procedures.

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Product Specifications:

Length Width Height Price
Small Tissue Mounting Pad 8.75″ 4.00″ 0.25″ $20
Large Tissue Mounting Pad 9.75″ 8.75″ 0.25″ $37
X-Large Tissue Mounting Pad 15″ 11″ 0.25″ $74

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