Surgical Instruments


LifeLike offers various suturing and surgical instruments that are ideal for medical students and residents for training labs or for take-home personal practice.

LifeLike offers the following surgical instruments:

General Surgery
Mayo Scissors $10.00
Mayo Needle Holder $12.00
Adson Tissue Holder $8.00
7″ Curved Metzenbaum Scissors $10.00
8″ Cooley Vascular Tissue Forceps With 2mm Jaws $32.00
9-1/2″ Debakey Multi-Purpose Clamp with 60 Degree Obtuse Angle $73.00
7″ Kalman Ruder Needle Holder with Tungsten Carbide Jaws $52.00
8″ Straight Castroviejo Needle Holder with Lock $82.00

Micro Surgery
13cm Castro Curved Needle Holder $50.00
4-3/4″ Jewelers Forceps, 9mm Handle, 0.3mm Tip $22.00
Straight Stevens Tenotomy Scissors with Blunt Tips $12.00
15cm Clamp Applier with Lock $18.00