LifeLike BioTissue's Surgical Instruments

Sutures and behaves like real tissue

LifeLike offers various suturing and surgical instruments that are ideal for medical students and residents for training labs or for take-home personal practice.

LifeLike offers the following surgical instruments:

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General Surgery
Mayo Scissors $10.00
Mayo Needle Holder $12.00
Adson Tissue Holder $8.00
7″ Curved Metzenbaum Scissors $10.00
8″ Cooley Vascular Tissue Forceps With 2mm Jaws $32.00
9-1/2″ Debakey Multi-Purpose Clamp with 60 Degree Obtuse Angle $73.00
7″ Kalman Ruder Needle Holder with Tungsten Carbide Jaws $52.00
8″ Straight Castroviejo Needle Holder with Lock $82.00

Micro Surgery
13cm Castro Curved Needle Holder $50.00
4-3/4″ Jewelers Forceps, 9mm Handle, 0.3mm Tip $22.00
Straight Stevens Tenotomy Scissors with Blunt Tips $12.00
15cm Clamp Applier with Lock $18.00



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