Embedded Vessel Model


LifeLike’s Embedded Vessel Model feels, sutures, and behaves like real live tissue. Realistic and affordable product designed for the acquisition, practice and retention of anastomosis, vein harvesting and works great with imaging techniques such as ultrasound probes, CT Scan and MRI. Available in single layer, or multi-layer with dermis skin top.

Regular With Dermis
Each $75.00 $90.00
10 Pack $727.50 $873.00
20 Pack $1410.00 $1692.00

Product Includes:

The LifeLike Embedded Vessel Model features 3 vessels (4mm ID and 5mm OD) embedded in a 6 inch long by 3 inch wide mass of soft surrounding tissue. Also available with 2.2mm dermis layer.

Use LifeLike BioTissue Embedded Vessel for skills development training:

  •  Anasomosis – end-to-side anastomosis in tissue
  •  Vein Harvesting – locating and removal of vessel from tissue
  •  Ultrasound probe – locating vessels within tissue for needle penetration or harvesting


 Product Specifications:

Length 6″
Width 3″
Thickness 0.75″
Vessel ID 4 mm
Vessel OD 5 mm
Dermis Thickness 2.2 mm